Birthday Freebies

At the beginning of this month I thought it would be fun to see what companies offered birthday discounts and freebies. The moment I typed birthday freebies into the google search box, I felt uncomfortably entitled, but quickly realized the companies really don’t seem to mind giving these gifts away. Birthday freebies do come at […]

White Rock Lake Sailing

I was so excited when a friend recommended The Spirit of Dallas. They offer a complimentary sail on White Rock Lake for everyone and it’s so amazing! Our first sail was in June and I was worried that it would be very hot and uncomfortable but the breeze made it very enjoyable. The Captain was so welcoming […]

Cooling Off with a Splash

If you’re looking for ways to stay active outside this summer, splash pads and water parks can be the way to go. Kids can run around and play while cooling off with a variety of water jets, slides and games. There are usually plenty of shaded areas for moms to hang out but some choose […]